Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLIV

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  • Tom Figgins: Beautiful and surreal indie folk that borrows inspiration from life and adds tunes from electronica giving his lyrics a vibe that will stay with you as you can’t help but connect with “Run”.
  • Bella McKendree: Soft, honest and real indie melodies that takes a cue from folk, pop and something special that is the magic of the unknown that music needs to breakthrough the barrier of our senses.
  • Lissa Lo ft. Patrick Dunn: Playful indie electropop that balances the voices of both Lissa Lo and Patrick Dunn beautifully pulling you into a dance floor in your imagination as you smile for the lyrics exude that spirit.
  • Happy Sometimes: Can you feel the goosebumps when Happy Sometimes sings? I bet you do, just listen to the hypnotizing voice that she is blessed with and you are hooked in her soundscape and you just don’t want anything more than that.
  • Personeinvacanze ft. Jillian Lavin: Indonesian indie songwriter/producer unites with the beautiful voice of Jillian Lavin (of Spritely) and the create an amazing EDM hit that is fun, unique and refreshing to hear in the genre.
  • Lost Cousins: Indie rock sounds and verses that make you stand out and shake it up as the soundscape becomes one with your surroundings giving you that vibrant strike of electricity you were needing.
  • Hedegaard ft. Haley Warner (Viga Remix): Chill, inviting and fun remix that takes the voices and the spirit of the original as Viga gives it new air and pulls you into a soundscape that immediately makes your move side to side, dancing and smiling.
  • Sonic Syndicate: Talented Swedish trio takes a pop track and gives it a rework that dances around rock and electronica making it something purely electric, amazing and something that rockers can definitely listen too as well.
  • Trenton: A song that slowly builds up from ethereal sounds to energy filled melodies that showcase the vocal capacity of Ryan Courtney aka Trenton perfectly allowing us to see that we are listening to an artist that can be everlasting.
  • Good Kid: Upbeat and amazing indie rock that is created with the right hooks, tempo and union of vocals and instruments giving us something that you just want to listen and tap your feet to the beat of it.

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