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Mannequin’ is currently our favorite track on this record. The production, and the big power ballad vibe, feels a little reminiscent of our song ‘Kamikaze’ to us, which was the track off of our debut EP that was our favorite to play live. The initial lyrics and concept for ‘Mannequin’ came to me while showering in the hotel room prior to an all day co-writing session we had in Los Angeles. I just kept thinking about the similarities between someone who feels like they’ve lost everything of importance to them, everything that made them who they are, and a mannequin. When someone or something has taken and left with such a big part of you, you no longer feel like yourself, you feel like an empty shell, whose only purpose left in life is to be a filler for your clothes. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how the idea would play, and I expected it to get shot down when I pitched it to the group, so when they took it and ran with it, helping mold it into what is now the first track off of The Fear, I was stoked.Chase Manhattan - Lead Singer

Night Argent

Night Argent once again delivers another must listen indie rock gem that is sure to check mark all your needs when it comes to music plus the visuals are equally mesmerizing and on point. The guys take experiences, feelings, emotions and painful memories and turn them in a song with a name that has a way of resonating with you on a personal level – “Mannequin”. They take despair, loss, and facing the unknown and give it a name, verses and melody that relates to a world once known to us. We have been there, we have seen it, we know what it feels to think as if you were an empty shell of you are and the guys show their grasp of humanity and give us exactly that. In the end we feel as if a weight had been lifted from our shoulders and we can finally smile and show the world we are empty no more. Enjoy!

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