New Music Alert: “Hangup Blues” by Wake Child

“Hangup Blues” by Wake Child

The talented trio that makes up the magic and the music that is Wake Child delivers another perfect blend of blues and rock with their electric and climatic single “Hangup Blues”. I mean just listen to it and you’ll feel goosebumps and a certain surge of energy will burst through your body giving you a vision of something beyond your limitations. Stretch out your hands and feel it, really touch it and sense it as the story that encompasses the lyrics and melody takes shape and form in front of your eyes and you know that “Hangup blues” like the palm of your hands. We have all been dealt that card or seen it at play when the heart is given a body to please and to tease but no heart to reciprocate the love. So you decide how you want to play it, will you be stuck on an unchanging moment or search for the passion, the love and the person to hold you, thrill you, kiss you and make you feel alive.

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