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Music Video Recommendation: “Freckles” by Finn Kleffmann

Those freckles make you seem like a galaxy of stars, just waiting to be explored and loved.Nikita Gill

Finn Kleffmann

Through a guitar and his voice the talented up and coming singer/songwriter Finn Kleffmann delivers a beautiful and romantic ode to the freckles on the face of one that is beyond special to your heart. The track is aptly titled “Freckles” for one of the things the voice loves more of the muse are those tiny extra dashes of color that make her beauty unlike any other. 

Visually the music video is truly captivating through the simplicity of the approach for it hits the mark just right, allowing this beautiful dancer to hypnotize and guide us through her movements, her red hair and the freckles in her face. So listen, see and enjoy how he body becomes one with the soundscape making each movement of hers feel like a note being played.

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