Listen: “Dead in my tracks” by Arson Daily

“Dead in my tracks” by Arson Daily

North Carolina natives Arson Daily have found the right formula to unite old school rock tunes and modern day indie spirits with their must listen gem “Dead in my tracks”. The track is raw, in your face and it actually creates a story within the soundscape that is capable of filling up your imagination. In it you are taken to a world of outlaw bandits on the run from the law and everyone who wants a piece of the price on their heads. The guys embodie the verses and allow the instruments to become their tools to create a picture while that unique electric voice tells us the story through the enticing lyrics. This bands shows off a glimpse of their potential and talent and it truly is something that will excite any music lover – so listen, enjoy and keep an eye on this band as they deliver gem after gem.

“…There are posters with my name. There’s a price upon my head.
I never thought I’d earn the fame or all my friends would want me dead.
I keep my back toward the wall. I keep my hands quick to draw.
I never thought I’d be the one to fall. Guess you can’t win against the law.
We’re just bandits on the run – take your money take your guns… “

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