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Music Video Recommendation: “Live another lie” by Oriion

“…the track is casually floating into your subconscious like a breeze on a night drive through nameless, neon-lit cities with the windows down…”


The nomadic and hypnotizing supernova of talent that the world will know as Oriion delivers his latest visual and music feat with the beautiful and haunting music video for “Live another lie”. He takes feelings, emotions, heartbreak and final goodbyes and gives them a soundscape to call home, to feel bound to and does so with something beyond the grasp of words. He takes a beautiful and enigmatic main character and creates the right setting for us to be mesmerized by the changes seen in her in the spam of this music video. We feel it all – anger, lost, heartbreak, thrill and peace which gives the viewer a sense that it is unknown whether it’s forever or simply another lie to live as long as it holds. So listen and don’t lie because you know the emotions seen and you’ve probably felt them sometime, somehow, someway before or maybe even right now. Enjoy this marvel, this gem, this must Listen beauty!

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