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Music Video Recommendation: “Bojke” by The Winter Gypsy

Come home with me, come home with me now.

Words I should’ve said, words I should’ve said.

The Winter Gypsy

Alternative indie folk from Australia that has something ethereal, surreal and otherworldly about it -they are The Winter Gypsy and this is their gem “Bojke” dedicated to their dog that passed away. This talented ensemble made up of six passionate Aussies take music and lyrics and take a step away from the rules and norms and what everyone else is doing and they create something new, unique and completely refreshing. The deliver truth and honest emotions that connect with our hearts, our souls and even our minds for we know life gives and takes just as much. I am personally a huge fan of the fact that the song is an ode to their dog, because those beautiful creatures truly do love us and whether we like it or not we love them as much. So why not sing to them, for them, about them? They deserve that and much more because in the end they are our friends. So listen, enjoy and know that they understand your soul.

“I’m sitting around, I’m waiting around, walking around, I’m running around, running around, I’m running around.”

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