Listen: “Fast Life” by Crane

“Fast Life” by Crane

Breezy days, paparazzi filled nights and a fast life that comes with a bank account that never seems to end. Crane hits something that while it sounds fun it’s so real and a dream that many have. But it is a sad empty excuse for a real dream for its not about succeeding but about finding the easiest way to have a pocket filled with money. The guys know it and understand that all that comes fast goes away fast, it’s just a “Fast life” that you wish could never end but it will because just like beauty it has an expiration date and it’s bound to reach sooner or later. Not only are the lyrics are point but the pop melodies used to create this soundscape connect perfecto with the verses and the story that makes up this gem. So listen, enjoy and don’t go looking for a fast life.

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