Must listen: Dakota


From the Netherlands comes the all female band from every music lovers dream, Dakota and their alternative pop/rock that is sure to mesmerize you and all who listen. These talented ladies create a world of their own in each of their soundscapes and they manage to connect the music and the lyrics with something personal and ours with refreshing ease in a heartbeat. Plus the fact that they don’t tie their music down to an specific genre and play around the alternative realm while blending pop and rock makes their creative creations so much more human, real and honest. So take a good listen… can you hear it? How everything simply falls on its place and how they give each other the exact room to shine while providing the voice a home to unite verses with melodies and create a sound that just pulls you in. Now I leave you with two amazing examples of what I have just told you about, enjoy “Wanderlust” and “Silver tongue” right here on Wolf in a Suit.

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