Music Video Recommendation: “Tremble” by LPX

“Tremble” is one of the most direct, honest and intimate songs I’ve ever written so it was important to me that in the video I face the viewer head on in the same way. This song is ultimately about confronting someone who’s ignoring what they don’t want to see so it felt powerful to force the observer to see me one on one. I wanted to further highlight that emotional intensity and control with abstract images, jarring edits and color play to help communicate what that struggle feels like emotionally, while also underscoring the details of the music. “Tremble” is a balancing act of vulnerability and strength and the process of making this song and video in itself became an act of self preservation and release.Lizzy Plapinger aka LPX


Take one of the best singers out there in the indie scene and put a camera right in front of her and you get this gem – a perfect showcase of all the emotions and feelings that are part of the lyrics of this song that only requires some color and playing with the lights and the scenery a bit to become one of the most amazing music videos you’ll ever see. LPX is a goddess of music, melodies, lyrics and life – she takes an experience and makes it everlasting and so easy for us to connect with. There’s no need of more than her to capture the magic of all that her verses entail, she’s is one of those few that have been blessed with that dose of the unknown and she knows how to use it. Every time I see this video or listen to her music I just become a zombie and just stand still and listen for I want to capture every single word and feel all the emotions that she has put forth for us to hear. She deserves nothing less than your utmost attention for she has opened up her heart for you to hear and see as it beats with life, music and all her experiences. Enjoy!

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