Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLIII

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  • Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money: What a collaboration, just balanced perfectly and these two talents deliver one of the best and most electric songs you’ll hear in a while plus also there’s something special about it.
  • Margot Polo: Summer vibes are felt immediately in this song and that is more than welcomed plus Margot Polo blends honesty, experience and something playful that is part of his nature making this a gem.
  • X+O: Pop/Rock with a bite that catches you by surprise and out of nowhere you find yourself singing along and you left or right foot tapping to the rhythm of this soundscape that is sure to pull you in.
  • Blank Space: Picture yourself walking down an empty road, closed business on one side and the beach on the other as you look up to the moon simply remembering and this song falls as the soundtrack of that moment.
  • Madeleine Rosenthal: Ethereal and beautiful indie pop that catches you real and honest verses and a certain uniqueness in the melody that makes it find a home within us with a surprising ease.
  • David Ryan Harris: One of the best singer/songwriters delivers a heartbreaking and true union of lyrics and melodies creating a soundscape that we can relate for we know the feelings and emotions being served.
  • Spilt Milk Society: Summer love that became more than that and it found a way to stay deep within your heart delivered in an indie rock gem that transitions and become more just like that lover whose meant for more than a summer.
  • Ruby Bones: Indie rock that blends classic vibes with contemporary touches and fills you up with a spark of something great as you can’t help but fall for it and move your body to its rhythm and becoming one with the story within.
  • Kismit: Indie duo delivering pop/funk/electronica blended into one song that creates a dance floor right in front of your eyes from beginning to end and you catch yourself dancing with that special one right into the night.
  • Julia Piker: Honest, playful, in your face and simply perfect to sing to cocky boys with small heads and big hands that feel they deserve it all while doing nothing but selfish things. Julia has created something special and personally a hit.
  • [Bonus] Sam Tinnesz ft. Super Duper

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