New Music Alert: “Can you hear me now” by Upsahl

“Can you hear me now” by Upsahl

At just 17 the talented Phoenix, Arizona native Upsahl shows a fine and mature understanding of music, lyrics and human nature that is easily seen and heard in her songs. With “Can you hear me now” her voice is inviting and flows with ease carrying the verses in a way that falls perfectly with the melodies. In the mist of a mature and honest story she allows herself to have fun with playful tunes that pull you in and once you are in, you feel and connect with what the song is telling you. You know the story for you have seen it or lived it, but as she has you’ve moved past it but still wonder: can you hear me now? … now that I have moved on and you are part of the past. I say don’t worry about it for you are more than a relationship and you are who your actions, passions and drive reflect back to you. 

I Like to maintain powerful and complex lyrics that are relatable to a variety of situations. I like to write about relationships, politics, cultural issues. This song is a message to someone on the other end of a failed relationship. It’s the kind of relationship that has been dysfunctional for some time. I’ve watched so many women in my life stay in a relationship that they aren’t happy in, they settle.Upsahl

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