Featured Music Video: “Never Enough” by The Hunna

I keep falling in love, I keep falling in love, I keep falling in love

its never enough, its never enough, its never enough.

The Hunna

There’s no denying it, The Hunna are on a meteoric rise to the top and you know what … they deserve it. With a passion that is felt in their music they not only set it for the world to see in any stage but they use it to connect with the fans on a personal level through replying to comments on social media, joking around with them and showing them that they are all in this together as one big ever growing squad. 

While the track is not new (it is part of their amazing debut album 100), the music video has a bit more than a month online and it is a beauty. The aesthetics of the visuals are simple but hypnotizing, featuring the beautiful and ravishing model Polly Ellens singing/screaming the lyrics becoming an embodiment of the sheer electricity and energy that is part of the song. So fall not only for the star of the music video but also for the band that sets the video in motion with indie rock that gives hope to the scene and puts a smile on this wolf. Enjoy!

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