Listen: “Take my heart out” by Sparrows

“Take my heart out” by Sparrows

As always the Sydney based singer/songwriter/all around creative monster Sparrows delivers and she does so with something that is simply beyond beautiful and honest. With “Take my heart out” she metaphorically does that and invites us to see, feel and above all live in the outside world and be you and no one else. She carefully blends the touches of electronica and pop she is known for and throws some folk in the mix giving the soundscape a amazing rich feel that is simply refreshing to find. Plus she has a fine understanding of the human nature and sees beyond the covers and all the shows we put for others as we aimlessly try to fill some type of void by loosing ourselves in things, people and simply anything we can find. In the end though the only thing that can fill that void is taking a good look at ourselves and realizing how beautiful we are as we shine as bright as the sun if we pay attention carefully. So take your heart out and see how it beats, not for anything or anyone but simply for you and only you.

Seeing so many people getting lost in their devices lately, it got me thinking about a time when I lost my identity to a relationship. I could see myself doing ridiculous and embarrassingly obsessive things but couldn’t stop it, kind of like when you can’t stop your thumb from scrolling, hoping you’re going to land on a pot of gold. As humans, we all have a propensity to get caught up in addictive behaviour – often in an attempt to tame our mindless chatter or fill a void with stuff. Take My Heart Out is about crossing that fine line into addiction.Sparrows

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