Music Video Recommendation: “One More Night” by Monroe

Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world.Giuseppe Mazzini


Now this is how you make a debut to be remembered, the amazing New York based Monroe deliver an indie pop gem with “One more night” and it is something you have to hear and see. Through an endearing and playful story we are transported to the streets, the life and the day and night of the magical city of New York and it couldn’t be a more perfect setting. The city embraces the soundscape and together they ensure a unique magnetism to the verses and the melodies making us feel connected to the song. Within the song we feel a sense of hope and a wishful thought that that one more night could be the one to change it all and set the wheel spinning in your favor. So roll the dice and give it your all and who knows maybe that one night is truly the one for love, happiness, freedom and more. Enjoy!

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