New Music Alert: “Read” by Lydia Ford

“Read” by Lydia Ford

Lydia Ford has a way of blurring the lines between pop and folk and creating something that she and her lyrics can call home and truly connect with music lovers out there. This time around the romanticism is put in the back burner  and a dash of heartbreak, honesty and the sad experiences that are part of life and that makes us grow and mature take center stage. But she does it so in a way that bittersweet, beautiful and so real. “Read” is simply put as how you see and read the messages out there in life, will you be second fiddle because your are blinded and everything sounds and looks as if in your favor, but deep inside you know you are just reading it wrong. So put on your reading glass and really see the message and move on, because you are no second place when there’s only a number one spot when it comes to love. Listen, connect and enjoy!

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