New Music Alert: “Jump in the Water” by July Jones

Jump in the Water is quite metaphorical. It talks about me jumping into the water, which in my case translates to life in general; I always dive fully into what I believe in, which happens to be music, love, and the beliefs that I hold.July Jones

July Jones

Visually and musically powerful and mesmerizing, the talented July Jones connects with our innermost fears and ghosts and she gives us a little push to jump in and give it all. The music video for “Jump in the Water” is the perfect motivation to come out and be yourself, whomever you may be and truly live life as you are meant to. Don’t be afraid, don’t let the opinions of others pull you back and never be someone you don’t want to be for someone else. July understands this and she pushes for that in her life, her career and everything she believes in while also through her music she inspires others to do the same. So just listen and allow the verses to flow through the airwaves and become part of you. Enjoy!

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