New Music Alert: “I’ll Make My Money Dreaming” by Moons of Mars

“I’ll Make My Money Dreaming” by Moons of Mars

Indie pop served with a melodic punch and filled with moments that simply capture your attention from beginning to end. Moons of Mars always deliver and this time with “I’ll make my money dreaming” they certainly do not miss the mark. The track allows for both Mario and Giovan Polanco to really shine showcasing their gift for not only creating catchy hooks, playful arrangements but also their distinctive fun yet mature lyricism. They take a phrase that might sound as being lazy and with their heads in the clouds and transform it into an anthem for passion and working hard doing something you love. They tell us and the world that they are going to make a living doing music and to be honest I believe it. The guys are special and the song has a way of serving as a motivation for those who hear it to aim to follow their path and work hard and filled passion trying to make it in something you truly love. So be inspired, move forward and enjoy this amazing song.

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