Featured Music Video: “Wouldn’t wanna be ya” by Yonaka

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.Jimi Hendrix


With a fire inside that burns like a thousand suns Yonaka brings a certain sense that music is in safe hands and that the future for the scene just got a boost of something special. This music video is further proof that this band is one of the best discoveries you’ll ever add to your playlists. “Wouldn’t wanna be ya” is one hell of a song that simply pulls you in and chews you out and you want more so you just set it on repeat over and over. In this amazing video you get a glimpse of the electricity that they bring to a live show and honestly it makes me want to purchase a ticket to England and just go to one of their shows and live the experience that is watching Theresa Jarvis take control of the stage and set it on fire with her voice as the guys provide the perfect home for her to shine since they are all made up of that spark that simply catches your eyes and all your senses in an instant.

So set all the rules to the side and simply allow Yonaka to fill you up with something beyond the grasp of your mortal hands. Take a good listen for this band from Brighton is going places, and those places are everywhere they want to go. Enjoy!

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