Listen: “Toast” by Smith and Thell

“Toast” by Smith and Thell

Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell are a force of nature that delivers music that simply connects with our feelings and emotions through personal verses that have a way of becoming universal. Together they are Smith and Thell and they are made up of something unknown, something special, that spark of genius that separates them from the crowded room filled with music. Their song “Toast” is a wonderful gem that invites us to a party, to a dance, to a toast to all the good, the bad and the in between of life. They connect with stories of pain, sorrow, laughter, anger and joy and in a way they bring an ending to the bad chapters as we are able to look up ahead giving a toast to all (douchebags included) and stand tall awaiting for what the future holds. So thank you guys for this refreshing breeze that comes from your verses and melodies and thank you for being that push to give that final toast, that goodbye to all as we enjoy your song and take a bold step forward. 

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