Playlist: Soundcloud Discovers Part XLII

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  • Island Apollo: Indie Pop/Rock that has a way of capturing you in the feelings and emotions of the song in a way that you wanted to happen again and again because it is just a great jam.
  • Tipling Rock: Playful, fun and with a certain beach vibe that makes this indie rock gem into something that you just have to listen if you aim to claim to call yourself a music lover. It is a must in any playlist.
  • De Joie: Soothing, eclectic and dream like melodies that flow perfectly through the airwaves that surround us transporting us to a world within her verses and melodies, a place we can call home.
  • Erin Rae: Indie folk/pop with light touches of the lyrical magic of country making us feel the lyrics as if they were ours and we connect with Erin because in a way we see in her a reflection of something inside of us.
  • Laura Brehm: A modern creation of folk with alternative touche that gives Laura an edge above the rest creating a home that allows her voice to excel and shine as bright as the sun pulling us in immediately.
  • Adventures in the Underground: Indie Rock that packs a punch with perfectly complimented melodies and vocals that have a unique special growl about it that just fills you up with a will to stand up and let the music invade you.
  • Through Juniper Vale: This song is simply beautiful and the acoustic touch makes it feel personal and like a place we can call home where we have the pleasure of listening to the sweet balance of vocals between her and Vian Izak.
  • Weslee (Yung Bae Remix): Get your dancing shoes ready because this remix is banging and your body will know it as soon as it starts because there’s no stopping yourself from dancing to this sweet rhythm and beats.
  • Bianca Giselle: With a certain blend of wild west cowboys on the run and femme fatale sensuality the beautiful and utterly talented Bianca Giselle delivers a single for the ages with the captivating and hypnotizing vibe of “Bang Bang”.
  • Stu Larsen: Indie folk that keeps it old school while adding a certain kick to the melody that makes it easy to connect no matter the age, the sex or anything to be honest. So tap your toes and follow the melody that Stu has created for us.

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