Music Video Recommendation: “London” by RJ Thompson

I wanted to make a video that was bold… something that you’d want to watch again… something that you’d uncover new meaning each time you watched it. I’m really proud of it. It’s obviously political in it’s nature, but more than anything, I really believe that by the end of the video we have left the viewer with a feeling of hope or empowerment.RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson takes a good look at his surroundings as Britain goes through a period of change, uncertainty and sadly a mix of emotions that are not always positive. With “London” he decides to be political and honest about what’s going on but instead of being a voice of despair and fatality he decides to take a different route and you can sense it, you can feel it – HOPE is what we provides. And not only does this song work for him but in the current state of affairs in a global perspective, he hits the nail right in the head and is able to connect with anyone no matter the nationality or the country they live in. Just listen, just see and the music video flows hand in hand so perfectly with the verses and the melodies ensuring that this soundscape is not just an amazing showcase of talent but also a fine reflection of the goodness in humanity. Enjoy!

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