New Music Alert: “Ghost” by Secret Weapons

“Ghost” by Secret Weapons 

Have you ever felt it? Have you ever heard it? That one song that gets your body moving, you blood pumping and that has has a way of making you feel everything and anything at the same time. I believe I have found it with the Secret Weapons latest gem, which honestly is more than that, it is an amazing musical masterpiece. “Ghost” is pop and rock becoming one, its the collide of emotions, melodies, passion and more creating a soundscape that is addictive and inviting in every sense of the word. Just listen to that synth, the guitar and every little part of the song connecting with each other housing one of the best voices you’ll hear while it evokes themes of hope, struggle and yearning that flow beautifully from the lyrics. There’s no denying it, this song has become one of my favorites and I invite you to make it yours. Enjoy!

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