New Music Alert: “6AM” by Von Grey

“6AM” by Von Grey

Talented trio Von Grey shows us that these three sisters are in it to win it and their last single “6AM” is a fantastic proof of it. They take a bold step and create a melody that is unique and enchanting and it just makes for the right home for lyrics that speak of love and the ups and downs that make it up. I love the fact that they don’t show it all as perfection and as happy and joyful all the time, but they embrace the bad as well and understand that it is part of the trip. Love is a wonder, an unknown, a gift from something ethereal and beyond us and it is not rainbows and butterflies but a blend of moments filled with smiles, moments of tears and sadness, and moments were you just feel you hate the other but in the end it is the best ride of your life. Enjoy! 

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