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Tom Speight

London based singer/songwriter Tom Speight has set something special in motion with his personal blend of folk meets pop sound. He not only invites us and pulls us into a melodically mesmerizing soundscape but makes it unbelievably amazing with the help of mature and insightful lyrics that bounce around many topics that connect with the world around him and us. Tom is one of those special kind of artists that possess an aura about him that makes us feel comfortable as we sense him to be connected with the reality of the world along with the subtle surrealism that makes it up. We can hear it in his lyrics and his melodies and we know for sure that in his music we can find a place to rest and call home.

The songs that are part of this post are going to be in his upcoming ‘My My My’ EP which is going to be released on 7/28/2017. By the sound of these two gems the EP is going to be a must listen/must have beauty. So enjoy the taste of what’s to come and be ready because it’s almost here.

[su_quote cite=”Tom Speight about The River”]I’ve always wanted to record ‘The River’ with Chris Bond. I knew that he would capture the mood of the song and layered atmospheric texture of it. The production uses a similar palette as ‘Willow Tree’ with it’s strings, female vocals and double bass. I’ve got fond memories of recording this track because we would always work on it at night because of its chilled nature. I was lucky enough to have Allie Moss feature on guest vocals, she has such a beautiful tone to her voice. I remember the first time I heard her on the BT TV advert I Shazam’d the song and messaged her on Twitter, asking if she would be up for singing on one of my tracks, thankfully she said yes.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Tom Speight about My My My”]I spent nearly two weeks recording in Devon with Chris Bond working on new songs, pretty much the whole of the EP was written over the last couple of months after coming out of a relationship. .I had a lot to write about – .My My My was the first song from the creative period, it’s about escaping everything and putting stuff behind you from the town you grew up in to the childhood dreams that didn’t maybe work out but looking to a more positive future. It was written while was waiting for a train at Wimbledon Station. I was there for about 30 mins just feeling really excited with the idea of this song. It was very instant and something I hadn’t written before with a different energy. At the time I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac & The Beatles I think their hooks definitely inspired to write something bolder.[/su_quote]

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