Music Video Recommendation: “Man Upon the Hill” by Stars and Rabbit

Being in nature connects you to your own deepest thoughts and feelings and only through that can you really listen to them.The song was created out in the open, in nature, therefore the music video needed to be echo those same feelingsElda Suryani (Lead Singer)

Stars and Rabbit

Indonesian indie Folk/Pop duo Stars and Rabbit bring on something unlike anything else out there. With “Man upon the Hill” we are brought in front of something ethereal, mesmerizing and melodically and visually beautiful. It is a perfect pleasure for the senses as we are united with the nature that inspired it and we feel something special and unique deep in our souls. It reminds us that we are more than one, we are connected in the vast unknown of the world and the universe and it feels strangely soothing to be reminded of it. So just listen, enjoy and feel the soundscape caress you and surround you.

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