Music Video Recommendation: “Home” by MORGXN

Belonging is not something handed to you, it’s something you must claim for yourself. It’s taken me my whole life to decide that the need to belong only matters internally. Trying to fit in is not the same as belonging, sometimes home is found not at home. Matthew – the boy at the center of this story – reminded me of what “belonging” really means. His cousin, Vivika Westwood Mugler, the Empress of The Iconic House of Miyake-Mugler, leads the vogueing house in the video. Shooting this video felt more like a documentary than anything else. To belong is our right… you just gotta claim it.morgxn


MORGXN has quickly become a top favorite of mine, there’s always something so unique and so inviting in his music that you can’t help but feel as if you fit perfectly in it. With his latest music video for his gem  “Home” he takes the magic of his lyrics and blends it beautifully with the magic of a visual story that embraces each and every single one of our unique traits. He blends both in your face truths with soothing and playful shows of peace and clarity that take us inside the world of this soundscape. Not only that but really creates something memorable and gives us a much needed cry for union and for embracing the reality of each of us. Plus I agree with him, home is where you make it be so – there’s no point in waiting for things to happen, you need to be willing to push through and find your place. And please remember that Wolf in a Suit will always be a place for you all to enjoy some amazing music no matter what, because I might not be your home but I sure as hell want you to feel it as if it were. Enjoy this amazing track and take a good listen at more from MORGXN and the many more artists that are featured here. 

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