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“Keep it UNREAL”

-I have always wondered and I always hoped to ask personally, where did the name of the band come from?

We had another name first, Sputnik. Then we thought about TrashMosh – we listened to quite lot of trash metal that time in our lives. Rasmus was also a name for a local cartoon character and we found it a good juxtapose for our kind of spirit.

-How would you describe your sound? It’s a unique blend of music that really captures the listeners.

The genre is alternative rock. Our sound carries a bit of typical nordic melancholy sound, minor key melodies, lyrics with dark longing and humour, lot of harmonies and a bit of an electronic touch to the traditional rock vibe.

-You already know it, you are loved all over Latin America. What do you think lead to this connection between your music and them?

Not really sure, but we enjoy it a lot. Perhaps our sound and spirit is something else if you compare it with North American artists and bands.. Finland is perhaps exotic in an interesting way.

-As your sound evolves, how would you describe the work on the upcoming album?

Bit more modern, bit more electronic, some experimental sounds, lyrics about personal crisis and personal victories… bit more of unstable thoughts, perhaps.

-What inspired “Paradise”?

Just the simple thought that one man’s hell can be paradise for another. Lauri came up with this concept and I feel it stands very true sometimes.

-Is there one thing you must always do before a show?

Stay together with the band mates, with no interference and not much anyone else. Sing a bit, focus the energy.

-Best place in Finland to get inspired to create music?

Meeting other musicians, listen to concerts, visit studios, concert venues, festivals. I (Eero) go quite often to the Flow festival, sometimes to Ruisrock (in Turku).

-Of the food and the drinks you’ve had in all your touring – where have you had the best food and drink?

I quite enjoy any traditional food from any local place. Italian, Russian, Indian, South American, African, tacos… I love almost anything that we come across.

-This year HIM announced the end of the band, please tell us you are nowhere near that stage?

We are releasing a new album this year and feel quite inspired with everything! If everything goes well, we’d love to continue and prepare for the next creative things in music together.

-2017 what can the fans be on the lookout in regards of The Rasmus?

We have a great plan for a new video for next single, we have a tour in 10 cities in Europe. And a few concerts more in another continent, which I can’t reveal yet while it’s not confirmed, but it’s exciting!

-What album can’t you stop listening to? 

Anyway the Wind Blows (J.J. Cale), Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles) — from Eero

OK Computer (Radiohead) — from Lauri

Hold it Down  (DAS EFX) — from Pauli

Blood sugar Sex Magic (Red Hot Chili Peppers) — from Aki

-Philosophy and mantra of the band?

Keep it UNREAL

-Craziest experience while on tour?

Being on a touring festival with Metallica in 2004 South Africa, meeting those band members. We are pretty big fans of that band from childhood.

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