New Music Alert: “Alive” by XYLO

“Alive” by XYLO

The amazing and talented indie pop duo XYLO shows the world that they are in a league of their own. Their latest single “Alive” has something special about it, it is simply so youthful, playful and makes us feel right at home. Paige and Chase Duddy unite their talents and show that us that these siblings have something unique in their sound, their hearts and their souls. This gem has a unique vibe about it that makes it perfect to play it in the car and simply go out into the night without a plan, without rules and without a care in the world sitting next to someone that makes you feel as alive as you can be. So why don’t you do just that and press play and just enjoy life and enjoy this amazing track.

I don’t wanna go home

Let’s go somewhere we’ve not been before

We could get high on the beach

Or fly to London or Tokyo

I come alive when we’re together

I’m alive, I’m alive

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