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The Khanz

I said it once, I’ll say it twice and as many more times as needed: “this band is going places and I want to buy a ticket to see them live in those places and so should you.The Khanz have become one of my must listen bands, if you ask a recommendation they’ll definitely be one of them. An now this music video simply proves me right, you get a view of how the live show experience could be and I have to say: “I want that experience right now!” The band has that special charm, that electricity and that unknown factor that can and will make them great because they are a passionate and driven bunch and they deserve all the praise, the shares and all the love. So why say more when you can just see it, hear it and if you are lucky experience it. So just enjoy the magic that is their sound, their lyrics and their music as whole and fall prey to their sounds.

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