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  • Polarcode ft. Will Champlin: A collaboration that comes from musical heaven and paradise, Will’s vocals are sweet ambrosia and Polarcode serves it in a diamond made plate that makes this track a must listen gem. 
  • LCAW: Playful and inviting indie pop melodies and vocals that dances sweetly right in front of you inviting your senses to a party that allows you to let go of all the rules that the world seems to have. 
  • Nebulamigo: Laid back indie rock tunes that caress you softly bring you to a moment, a sunrise, a smile where you are free and the verses guide you and your feet to a dance floor in your dreams.
  • The National Parks: Harmonies, catchy hooks, old school vibes, modern day memories and verses that connect with our personal stories and lives as if they had lived our lives with us. 
  • Ethan Breakaway: RnB greatness that takes music one step ahead of the rest by blending personal stories with inviting melodies creating a soundscape that feels so ours and so personal at the same time that we dance to it.
  • NIXE: Mature lyrics that take a step outside the norm and creates a soundscape unlike anything plus that voice is simply hypnotizing and becomes a home for our senses to feel safe and happy.
  • Nia Wyn: There’s something so unique and inviting that blends a certain jazzy, soulful and pop vibe making this song a monster of another league. Listen and enjoy!
  • Stereo Honey: Ethereal, surreal, haunting and utterly mesmerizing indie pop melodies that have a way of soothing you and making your body and soul relax to the point that you can lay down and simply smile.
  • Air Traffic Controller: Indie folk, rock and pop unite and become something unlike anything else out there, it becomes a gift of music created by a talented ensemble who carry something special in their melodies. 
  • A rioting mind: So beautiful, so amazing and so honest – it makes you feel goosebumps as the feelings and emotions that dwell in the lyrics pour out and capture the attention of all your senses.
  • Evan Higgins: Evan speaks from the heart, from the soul and he pours out honest lyrics that do not shy away from the truth. He lets things fall in their place and does not hide the story of the song. Amazing stuff!
  • Bien: Subtle mesmerizing melodies united with a voice that is sweetness personified while carrying lyrics that posses the strange gift of lifting you up from being down with an incredible ease.
  • Iolite: An artists, a songstress, a goddess that is here to bring indie pop melodies straight to our senses, our soul and everything that surrounds us. With a playful yet dangerous union of lyrics Iolite captivates us in an instant. 
  • Sibling: Indie electro pop that has a way of staying with you after one listen and invites you to listen to it over and over again as if by an unknown force of nature that hypnotizes you to do so. 
  • Vacances: “Cool” is exactly that, it is a track that can take you into the unknown nature of the night expecting nothing but ready for everything. It is a must listen track for any playlist.
  • Ki: Quickly this talented band has become one of my favorite exponents of the indie rock scene, they serve a beautiful bittersweet realization of a love that was not what it seemed. 
  • Mt. Joy: As always Mt. Joy manages to create pure magic with their melodies and verses tha capture something found in the contemporary youth while also inviting all to smile and be who they want to be in “Cardinal”.
  • Gracie: Neo Soul/RnB from the UK ready to break through from gig to gig into the bigger stages with a talent that is special and a soul that is old school embodied by a group of 20-somethings filled with passion and lyrics.
  • KOPS: Honest, fun and in your face indie electropop gem that delivers lyrics filled with truth and a sense of not saying sorry for telling it like it is. Highly recommended and uplifting, enjoy!
  • Wayfarer// ft. Novaa: A collaboration that is perfection personified, lighting struck the ground and it was caught in this track that allows Novaa’s unique and surreal vocals to flow beautifully through Wayfarer//’s soundscape.

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