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Talented Norwegian songstress Dagny keeps on moving forward in the music scene with her sweet vocals and lyrics that are playful, surreal and strangely so human. She already has one of the best collaborations I’ve heard with none other than BORNS and her song “Fools Gold” from her Ultraviolet EP and now she has set something special in motion with her latest single “Wearing Nothing”. With this latest creation she blends a sense of sensuality and openness that is unique and refreshing to hear as she uses the wearing nothing to not only regard the clothes but also the extra things we add onto ourselves to cover the reality of our hearts and souls. She invites that lover to let go of all the rules and she wants him to know her for who she really is without the gimmicks and the acts we put upfront in our daily life. An inspiring track that pushes us to be who we truly are and to show our scars, our tears, our laughs and all to someone who deserves to know us whole. 

This track as well as the Ultraviolet EP show an artist whose talent is evergrowing and everlasting. So stay on the lookout for anything else she allows the world to listen. Enjoy!

When we were getting video treatments for “Wearing Nothing”​ earlier this spring​​ everyone kept sending treatments that ended with ’..And then Dagny takes her clothes off.’​ I would laugh, because some of them were just wild. The song is called “Wearing Nothing” but it’s not just about wanting to be naked with someone. It’s about wanting to be completely bare with someone and to be as close as possible both emotionally and physically even to the point where a piece of clothing feels like too much in-between. I believe it’s my most intimate song to date.Dagny

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