New Music Alert: “Second Chances” by Rooney

“Second Chances” by Rooney

With more than a decade going at it, the amazing alternative rock band Rooney releases their latest single “Second Chances” and it is simply ….WOW! The band had it, have it and will forever claim it theirs – that special spark that just pulls you in. As always they blend a charming old school rock vibe that captivates the young and old and a growing sensibility and evolution in their sound that seems to know how to capture the essence of the world today. Robert Schwartzman’s is just like a fine wine, every year it gets better and better and the songwriting is just up there with the best. It’s not out of nowhere that they have been one of my favorite bands for many years, since the first time I heard “I’m Shakin” I was hooked and if this is your first time listening then let “Second Chances” be your hook. Enjoy!

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