Exclusive Premiere: Dreaming is Easy EP by Kelly Hoppenjans

Dreaming is Easy EP by Kelly Hoppenjans

Check out the exclusive premiere of the Dreaming is Easy EP by Kelly Hoppenjans right here in Wolf in a Suit and enjoy a mighty dose of amazing indie music. With a blend of old school inspirations and modern day motivations, she delivers melodies and verses that bounce around the worlds of folk, pop, rock and more with a grace that is hypnotizing. As the Ep begins we get a sense that we are in for a surprise, a truly majestic surprise and then the sounds begin and we feel it taking over our minds, bodies and souls. So just lay back and enjoy a listen of something wonderful and beyond the grasp of the normal human hands. 

I always try to throw something a little surprising into a song, as long as it’s supported by the lyrics—an instrument you might not hear often, or an unusual rhyme, or a unique groove. We used a couple of Indian instruments on this record, the dilruba and sitar, and I think it lends an unexpected sound to the tracks.Kelly Hoppenjans

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