Music Video Recommendation: “Out the blue” by NUUXS


French born singer/songwriter NUUXS delivers a splendid and utterly beautiful and magnificent track with her latest gem “Out the blue”. It is ethereal and at the same time so distinctive of the human heart and soul. It is a bittersweet plea to a lover to stay in the past for that’s their home now, the painful memories of the heartbreak that came are already behind and should stay there. With a magical and unique use of her voice she pulls us into her world, into this marvel of a soundscape she has created and we see and understand for we know the story that lies in front of our eyes.  We feel as if running out of air, but she provides the oxygen denying a past moment to be repeated once again and therefore giving her and us a sweet chance to move on. A true masterpiece that I highly recommend to listen over and over again (as you most likely will), enjoy!

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