Listen: “Who is next to her tonight” by Rod Ladgrove

“Who is next to her tonight” by Rod Ladgrove

Rod Ladgrove has something special about him and about the way his voice connects with the music allowing the story within to take shape and form in from of my eyes. As the haunting melodies that flow with a mesmerizing ease unite with the everlasting beauty of the night that surrounds me as I write this under the stars, I feel a strange sense of peace. I listen and listen and feel the pain and the light sense of hope that hides within the lyrics of “Who is next to her tonight”. I start asking myself the same question and hoping for a simple no one as an answer, I plea for it to the stars simply wishing for her to think of him once more so the drink can be put down and the journey home can begin. But I am unaware of the painful reality, he already knows the answer and someone IS next to her tonight and every night …

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