Listen: “Never be Beautiful” by Sean Gadd

“Never be Beautiful” by Sean Gadd

Founding member of the indie band Grouplove, Sean Gadd takes a spin into his own musical realm. With his latest single “Never be beautiful” he blends a certain old school charm with modern touches that make it  a refreshing melodic creation. Plus with the verses he delivers words that are much needed in today’s society, a reminder that true beauty does not lie in the outside but in what dwells inside a persons heart and soul. In today’s beauty is good train of thought he pushes it aside and makes a statement, an anthem with his song that should be heard by all, not only because it is an amazing song but because the youth needs to hear this and be reminded that we are all perfect in our imperfections. So listen, smile and let everyone around you know that they are all beautiful.

Never Be Beautiful’ is a love song and represents not caring about what others think anymore. I don’t have to be Beautiful because I am something far greater, I am me. When you realize it doesn’t matter anymore, that’s when you realize it didn’t matter anyway.Sean Gadd

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