Listen: “Flesh & Blood” by Ed Prosek

“Flesh & Blood” by Ed Prosek

The talented Ed Prosek from California and based in the UK delivers his latest single, the tittle track from his new Three track EP: “Flesh & Blood”. With his unique lyricism this amazing singer/songwriter sets foot in lands surreal, ethereal and beyond the grasp of life and death with this gem. We are given a bittersweet taste of mortality and the unknown nature of life, death and the moments in between. With a looming sense of doom he dwells in the moments that make the futile nature of our existence be everlasting in the beauty of them that though short are set specially for us to enjoy and to take to the afterlife. Not only that but he continues his ode to fatality by taking a look at those that surround us and invites us to enjoy each moment as life has no set planned and the clock does not tick the same for all. So listen, enjoy and take note from his verses and go out into the world with a smile and a wish to live to the fullest.

Flesh & Blood was the first song written for this EP. I wrote it on the first day of the year, as part of a ritual I have, where I spend every January 1st compulsively writing a song in order to bring “good omens” for the year (I’m not even superstitious, old habits just die hard). Anyhow, Flesh & Blood was the result this year, and with it, I was able to explore a completely new way of writing, and bring together new arrangement ideas and textures that ultimately resulted in the new sound, and the rest of the EP.Ed Prosek

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