New Music Alert: “Four Children” by The Canvas People

Four Children’, like much of the record, deals with the challenges of ‘adulting’. This song in particular views these challenges through the scope of family and personal relationships, both past and present.Kyle Taylor - Lead Singer

The Canvas People

Austin, Texas raises its hand and shows us the magic that is the musical prowess of The Canvas People and their latest indie gem “Four Children”. Not only that but we are given an inviting and honest show of visuals that flow hand in hand with the verses and melodies of this marvel of a track. Both visuals and music represent the state in which most of us find ourselves at the moment, in that grey area were we know we kneed to be adults but still keep a bit of our younger selves at hand because letting go is too hard. As we move from the past to the present we find hurdles and expectations by others and we must decide which ones matter to us. Will we fall pressured to the rest of the world and that thinking that there’s a plan set in motion already, but in the end our plans are only set by ourselves and no one else. So enjoy life and while you do that enjoy this amazing track.

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