Premiere: “Pray for you” by Peakes

It’s about losing that energy in a relationship. About accepting the fact that it’s not going to work, even though on paper it should do. Sometimes feelings for the other person can shift. It’s out of your control and you can’t prepare for that.Maxwell - Keys


Talented UK indie band Peakes has given this wolf a chance to premiere their live music video for their indie gem “Pray for You”. As you can imagine I was stoked because this track is simply just perfection, the way it flows and how the story unfolds as we are transported within it is magical. With the union of Music and vocals they create the right setting to have one of those special soundscapes that can be everlasting and it does feel like that in the end. The live setting gives the performance a certain vibe that makes it feel private and as if the song was only being played for us to enjoy. With an honest take in love, heartbreak and letting go this talented trio connect with us as they feel and understand the human experience as it is – with the good, the bad and the ugly side of it. This song speaks about finally seeing things for what they are when they are going sideways, it’s an honest eye opener to a situation that is unpleasant but is part of life. It’s a final goodbye wishing the other person the best of luck and offering a prayer to go with him/her in their new direction. Isn’t that just wonderfully bittersweet? It leaves you feeling goosebumps but they are so welcomed. So listen, enjoy and give them a follow – I promise you won’t regret it.

I was having writer’s block so I decided to lock myself in a room with a Roland Juno 60. I must’ve been messing around for a good few hours until I came up with what is now the intro and verse. I then brought this idea to Molly and the song began to get it’s shape pretty quickly.Maxwell - Keys

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