New Music Alert: “Out of Touch” by Home State

“Out of Touch” by Home State

Another track that is bound to get you hooked by New York based band Home State, take a good listen at the gem that is “Out of Touch” and continue to fall in love with them. With catchy hooks and playful vocal use, they allow the lyrics to spread out across the soundscape and capture a moment in each verse. There’s something so unique and so refreshing here, you can’t help it but your body starts moving to the left and to the right following the rhythm. Is there something new in the air or is it just the melodies overflowing to the airwaves and inviting you to do your best and sing along. “Out of touch” is definitely in touch with a certain story that you might have lived or at least you know someone that has (don’t lie, you know you do). 

Are you going to keep on falling for the same old game or are you gonna be out of touch and out of that situation that is not the best for you. In the end the guys take a step forward and while the song is about someone you desperately want, deep inside you know you have to bounce and be out of touch of that deadly touch that’ll make you be putty in her hands. So take a quick advice and a good listen and while you enjoy the song take a note or two, I would recommend it.

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