Listen: “Golden Age” by River

“Golden Age” by River

Young and extremely talented singer/songwriter River is one of those truly rare talents that just leaves you speechless from the first second. There’s something so refreshing and unique about the way he allows his verses to take shape and form each and every time. Each song holds a story within its soundscape that makes him one of those few singer/songwriters that can connect with such effortless manner with the listeners. Plus there’s a certain inviting feel about him and an ethereal vibe that flows from his songs through the air that surrounds us as it embraces us and makes us feel at home.

“Golden Age” is a track that feels as if a seasoned artist is delivering it, and then you see this young semblance in this talented artist and your mouth drops for it is utterly amazing the amount of talent he has. So young and so in tune with the experiences that we all posses and connect with. He turns his personal stories into songs that feel like a place so familiar to us, we can easily enjoy his blend of Lana del Rey and Troye Sivan vibes for they pull us in with such ease. So just be amazed and enjoy the music he serves for us to delight our ears with.

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