Music Video Recommendation: “Lines” by Barack

“Lines” by Barack

 Lorenzo Clerici aka Barack delivers something magnificent and truly special with his romantic yet heartbreaking track “Lines“. This French/Italian singer/songwriter has a gift for honesty through his verses and melodies that is undeniable and refreshing to find nowadays. With a subtle control of his vocals he ensures that we fall into his world and feel the lyrics as they should be experienced . This is no love song, but a song to reminds us of what we have at the reach of our hands and to be grateful for it. Because not all lines meet, not all hearts find each other and not everyone is here for as long as we wish them to be. So listen to the message that dwells within his lyrics as they float through the airwaves reaching us softly and awaiting our loving ears to truly listen and feel. Thank you Barack for an exquisite show of truth and love and by doing it so with engaging and inviting visuals that easily connect with the story and with us. 

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