Music Video Recommendation: “New Heights” by Shorelines

“New Heights” by Shorelines

Punk rock at it’s finest showcase, Brisbane based indie band Shorelines is the one to bring it. With their latest music video for their song “New Heights” we get a throwback feel to a time when pun/rock ruled the music scene,whether indie or major signed it was pleasure to listen everywhere we went. Now there are a few bands out there still rocking the sound the right way, because many try but few truly understand what it is all about. This talented quartet gets it and shows it off as best as possible through their music and their verses that embrace the daily angst of the modern youth around the globe. They blend the rebellion that comes from Punk and allow the dashes of pop and rock to connect with everyone through lyrics that speak of a love unlike anything else. A love that will take you to new heights, a love that is beyond the capacity of words. So just listen and enjoy the charming electricity that exudes from this amazing soundscape. 

We’ll be just fine, leave it all behind

To show you how it’s really supposed to be

It’s all green lights, we’re at new heights

Just close your eyes and help take on the world


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