Must Listen: Bear with Us

Bear with Us

This talented indie rock band from Sweden blew me away from the very first track I had the pleasure to hear from them. I immediately knew there was something special in the way Bjorn controlled his voice, the magic of the guitars and bass becoming one, the drums carefully setting the madness and the keys given them a certain classic touch. Bear with Us is personally a magical moment caught in the firm grasp of destiny and turned into a band, lighting in a bottle ready to conquer the world through music that sounds and feels so right. So keep a lookout for them, they have recently entered the hype machine plethora of indie finds with not only one song, but two masterpieces that show the range this band possesses. 

You have the inspiring and electric power of “Freedom Fighter” and then you have the soft indie rock ballad of “Final Hour”. These two songs are set apart in the range of emotions and stories but fall together in one perfect convergence of talent that is the union of Bjorn, Emil, Anton, Alexis and Kalle. So stay put for Bear with Us is sure to surprise with some beyond the imagination of our mortal minds. Enjoy!

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