Susannah Winspear

With a name that hits right at home, at least at one point in your life you kinda felt like you were slightly unemployed whether by your own accord or movements set in motion by life, this EP has certain charm. Susannah Winspear delivers honest and playful lyrics that bounce softly through each melody making sure each track has a capacity to connect and pull us in. Without any notice at all we are invested in each story and the soundscapes become part of our days as we try our best to sing a long and we tap our feet softly to the rhythm of each melody. There’s something special that blends many faces of music in one – you get the kind of old school charm that made the likes of Sinatra an idol, the honesty of the country singers, a certain jazzy vibe that is unique and the pop spirit that makes us smile. 

Susannah not only possesses a voice capable of slowly caressing our cheeks and giving us peace, but also a magnificent gift in her songwriting. Each part of ‘Slightly Unemployed’ is so well crafted, it is a blend of mature lyrics and playful immaturity that unites into one refreshing creation that has a way of making us smile and as we listen we tell ourselves that we know people like the ones in her verses. There’s an inexplicable magic that lies in her and to be honest I can just imagine what she will create in the future. So show her some love and fall for this witty and charming blue eyed beauty who is ready to show the world what she’s capable of. Enjoy!


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