Marìe Louise Persson Bjarnarson

Viktor Hagner

Nichlas Malling

Have you ever had a dream made up of pop fantasies, mesmerizing vocals and a perfect blend of talent and passion? I have and you know what happened? That dream came true in the form of one of the best bands I’ve had the pleasure to hear. You know who they are? Yes you do … they are the Danish supernova that the whole world will know as Norell. And you know what they have done? They went ahead and released one of the best debut EPs out in the indie music scene. They definitely show me and everyone that there’s something special in the air and the water of the Scandinavian countries, for they always know how to create superstars with a firm grasp of electronica and pop. Denmark you beauty, THANK YOU!

Viktor and Nichlas set the perfect soundscape for our hopes, dreams, angers and any sort of emotion … and then she walks in and the lights go out and then BAM…Marie Louise starts singing and we know for sure that we are lost to their music. IY is a marvel, there’s no wrong turn with it and that’s hard to find specially in a debut. But they have set something special in motion, they carefully created each track with a capacity to be able to stand on its own and it worked perfectly. This EP is exactly what I wish in every new EP from any artist, a perfect condensed showcase of what is to come in the future. As they mature and their talent continues to unfold, we know for sure that Norell will continue leaving us speechless with their music. So sit tight and give this EP and nice spin (or like me,  a few hundred already).


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