Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXIX

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  • Micky : Not only does he have a look that reminds us of BORNS but he has that special charisma and unknown vibe that makes them both be on a whole another level of potential to captivate the world. 
  • Jordan Parker : Soulful and beautiful romanticism that showcases a talent beyond singing that allows us to see a songwriter capable of capturing us whole in his net as we are mesmerize by the mastery of his music.
  • JMR : JMR delivers another must listen indie gem that allows us mortals to listen to an artist whose star shines brighter each time, we each new show of music he allows us to know that he is definitely here to stay.
  • Starlight : Must listen indie track that blends the world of pop with that sweet punk/rock tunes that I am a huge fan of. Plus the song is simply catchy and filled with a vibe that pulls us in.
  • Jane’s Party : “Cigarette Buzz” takes an acoustic turn and becomes this bittersweet melodrama that is the beautiful and honest “Ciggy Buzz”. This track is another showcase of the extent of talent that this band from Canada has. 
  • CASPR : Sensual magic that evokes a certain sorta animalistic desire for another person while using the symbolism of food to show exactly what he wants to do… and strangely if you have your special someone close by I will just say…be careful.
  • Tobtok ft. Sorana : Playful and fun electronica that bounces from side to side and landing at certain special times to allow Sorana to embrace us in the story that dwells within while filling us with the electricity of the tunes and sounds. 
  • Cymatics (Three Thieves Remix) : One truly electric and energy filled remix that has a way of creeping inside of you and making your body move to it’s rhythm and tempo while making you one happy music lover.
  • Holiday Friends : Haunting and mesmerizing track that has a certain unique feel about it that takes us by surprise and makes us feel strangely complete as we become one with the verses.
  • I am the Cold Man : Folk takes a turn into a world that is beyond the grasp of our mortal senses but at the same time grounded and so real. There’s a beautiful realm that lies hidden within the verses and tunes of this track.

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