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Featured Music Video: “Gospel” by Raker

Sometimes, certain people think they have more power over you than they do. These people spin lies, manipulate, try to stir and then exploit confusion. “Gospel” is about facing that, not standing idly by. The spinster in this story doesn’t win in the end.Mike from Raker

“Gospel” by Raker

Miami indie rock duo Raker delivers a must listen gem with their latest music video for their track“Gospel”. Not only that but then they went and added the visuals and the carefully choreographed movements of Giordan Cruz to make it a feast for the senses to rejoice. Mike Sarasti and Andy Rodriguez unite their talents in what can be only be described as a supernova of melodies, lyrics, emotions and enticing storytelling. They deliver lyrics that speak to us and connect with some part of our life, either seen or experience but definitely connecting. Plus there’s something amazing within the song, something uplifting and unlike anything else. After hearing it you are left with a sense of moving on and moving forward while knowing that this time you are the one that won the prize. Enjoy!

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