Premiere: “Kingdom in Flames” by Jeremy Shayne

“Kingdom in Flames” by Jeremy Shayne

Perfect song for the summer that comes our way, Jeremy Shayne delivers a true marvel with “Kingdom in Flames”. I mean just listen to the playful vocals and the youthful lyrics that connect with us in a way that reminds us of those love stories that brought our personal kingdoms to ashes and dust. We got up from them, but those stories remain as a way to remind us of the beauty queens who played us like a fiddle even though we thought we knew best. This talented singer unites a cool mix of genres (pop, r&b and even light touches of electronica) and with it he creates a soundscape that pulls us inside with an ease unlike anything else out there. So just listen and allow him to show you that he is just starting and the world better be ready for he is going to blow you all away. Enjoy!

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